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25 August 2011

Advances in construction chemi..
These materials are by-products, so using them is another way of recycling, making for a positive ..

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8 March 2011

Three different forms of Silic..
Silica fume has historically been available in three different forms: undensified, slurried, and den..

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Densified silica fume | Microsilica

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Xiamen J&Y Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

is a modern professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the production ,R&D and promotion of contruction admixtures, With independent intellectual property rights.
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Jinyue Silica Fume

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Silica Fume JY85   SiO2>85%, for Construction  Silica Fume JY85
Silica Fume JY90   SiO2>90%, for Construction  Silica Fume JY90
Silica Fume JY92   SiO2>92%, for Construction  Silica Fume JY92
Silica Fume JY94   SiO2>94%, for Construction & Refractory Silica Fume JY94
Silica Fume JY95   SiO2>95%, for Construction & Refractory  Silica Fume JY95
Silica Fume JY96   SiO2>96%, for Refractory  Silica Fume JY96
Silica Fume JY97   SiO2>97%, for Refractory  Silica Fume JY97
Silica Fume JY98   SiO2>98%, for Refractory  Silica Fume JY98

Silica Fume Applications

Silica fume in concrete & refractory

It increases the compression and abrasion resistance of high-performance concrete and high compactness make concrete against the attack from other chemical elements
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